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You+Capital’s vision is that good businesses should not fail because of a lack of capital or investment.


You+Capital’s mission is to make it simple for businesses and investors to find each other by using technology to break down the walls that divide money and opportunity.

We do this by providing a social-matching service for the financial and business industry.

You+Capital Mobile

You+Capital’s unique mobile application platform simply connects investors with opportunities. Just fill in some simple information and the You+Capital Business Matching Algorithm does the rest.

So even though our technology is advanced, it’s completely straightforward to use.

Just as investors told us they like it.

Are you a business looking for investment?

Simply download our app and register with your LinkedIn profile. Then create a project and upload as much information as needed, e.g. business plans, amount required, sector, etc.

Then sit back and wait for the “connect” requests...

Are you an investor looking for sound opportunities?

Download our app and register with your LinkedIn profile. Then fill in a few specific investment criteria and the You+Capital Business Matching Algorithm will go and find your matches.

Within seconds, you’ll be viewing business opportunities matching your profile.

Found one that sounds interesting? Just press “connect”...

Let’s get together

With requests accepted, investors and businesses can connect through You+Capital Chat. And hopefully you both like each other.

Once you’re satisfied that the business proposals suit you both, and bit of due diligence, you can meet to formalise the business opportunity.

At this point, You+Capital’s job is done.

Is it secure?

You+Capital have partnered with some of the biggest names in technology to deliver security and peace of mind. Our platform is heavily-tested, and is hos- ted by IBM.