Forever forgotten frames

misc.By Tammy Mcgarry
Created 17 Feb, 2022 | Ripple Road, London, undefined, England, United Kingdom IG11 0TT
  • £1,000 Required
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Hi forever forgotten frames will be a website that my customers will be able to upload a picture of there choice they can then pick a frame pick a gorgeous ribbon / ? colour of their choice then they put the address where they would like there beautiful framed gift to go all they pay is postage an packaging that simple yet effective I personally feel passionate about frames I don't want my kids to say ow look that's my mum in an app on a phone when I'm gone I personally love free prints n it's that ideaoligy behind it I want my kids to have some thing to hold some thing physical so we frame it box it Bow it send it it's that simple my customer base is potentionally massive from busy professionals who don't have alot of free time people from every walk of life need this I know they do Im determined passionate I want to create a legacy I don't want photo frames to die out like the high streets its massive for me and my life I feel its my purpose I truly believe forever forgotten frames has the potentional to be an app in our phones I mean why not customers could subscribe for re occurring sales they will I'm positive love the product they could subscribe and get 3 free frames per month for instance they upload their treasured memory's let us know where they want their personalised frames to go and that's it every thing is moving on line now so why not frame it box it Bow it send it a perfect gift for your loved ones ? I'm looking into getting a website it's just funding I'm struggling with any help would be fantastic to help me on my journey it's just literally ideas In a pad I mean I got a draft business plan but I'm willing to learn adjust adapt here's to 2022 with a helping hand I can bring my ideas ? too life
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