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misc.By Neil Barker
Created 03 Mar, 2022 | Poole, United Kingdom
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A Barkers Fermenting is starting out with the aim to offer better drinks people can enjoy and share
But feeling the need to be different and better we will also be aiming to revolutionise the hospitality sector by offering not just beverages, but also crypto integration as a reward system.
The Problem
The majority of the business industries are shifting towards digitisation, utilising technology to provide customers with a better experience. However, the alcoholic beverage industry, as well as the hospitality sector, seemed to be left behind with traditional methods and a lack of new offerings to reward and engage customers.
The Solution
A Barkers Fermenting is a passion project built with the aim to provide drinks that can give customers better experiences and moments. We’re developing and utilising brewing and distilling methods from natural and local ingredients where possible to create one of the smoothest and balanced drinks starting with spirit drinks. Along with this, we are focusing on researching and developing new products and integrations, including the incorporation of cryptocurrency for instituting a reward system. Along with providing our own reward system for our products, A Barkers Fermenting aims to offer a cutting-edge platform built on the Blockchain to begin with and a highly efficient e-commerce and B2C (Business to customer) rewards system that can be implemented within the Hospitality sector.
How It Works
A Barkers Fermenting primarily offers a drink range, starting with spirit drinks that comes in Neat as well as flavoured variants. Our current range includes Maple, Apple Strudel, BBQ, Honey and Honey Apple flavours. Along with this, A Barkers Fermenting aims to power ‘drinking in the digital age’ - aiming to be the first for incorporating crypto into the Hospitality Sector by initially giving the customer Tokens as a reward for purchasing ABF’s products and then eventually Liaising with owners to extend the reach of reward. we are also engineering a token platform for vendors/retailers to distribute cryptocurrency as a reward to their loyal customers.
Once the 1st Phase has been implemented, ABF will then put value into the tokens through a % of revenue to encourage the customers to purchase more products from ABF.
A Barkers Fermenting aims to narrow the gap of dislikes for different types of Tipples. We are doing this by offering an alternative via manufacturing and selling beverages with cryptocurrency integration applications.
A Barkers Fermenting’s planned revenue streams and future products include the development of spirits, beer or lager and wine production lines, a mobile app for customer engagement, as well as the development of products like fuel and hand sanitiser. In July 2021, we released a white paper for our crypto integration. We have also set up to be working with local fashion designers to create merchandise and clothing lines.
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  • Centralized exchange for the rewards system.

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