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Stanza Mezcal

misc.By Quentin Anderson
Created 09 Dec, 2021 | Archway Street, London, undefined, England, United Kingdom SW13 0AS
  • £250,000 Required
  • 5 days left
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STANZA Mezcal is a premium fair-trade handcrafted agave spirit from Oaxaca. It is currently marketed and distributed in Mexico,USA, UK and Germany. We are currently developing a distribution network in China and working on new product development which will include a coffee/mezcal spirit variant and a tequila brand. We are looking for investment to support the next stage of this exciting brands development. The brand purpose is three-fold;
1. To enable female empowerment in the booming male-dominated mezcal industry.
2. To educate people on the elaboration processes of mezcal, and push for ethical consumption.
3. To differentiate ourselves for our premium quality and taste.
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